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Evie Woods is a solo artist, heavily influenced by traditional and modern folk as well as her Northern roots.

It is through her music and lyrics, the hard northern exterior truly dissolves, and what you see is a vulnerable young lady who has been described as a talented, young, singer-songwriter who is "capable of making a soundtrack for any mood" - Thank Folk For That 2013.
Wanting to tear herself away from the monotonous northern lifestyle Cheshire had to offer, she moved to Bristol and it was here she found an influential culture that helped push her songwriting to what it is today.

Her influences and sound has it's roots firmly in folk music, including artists such as Joni Mitchell, Sandy Denny and Neil Young. However there also lies darker themed musical influences in the form of Joy Division, The Smiths and Jeff Buckley. These influences combined with Evie's soaring vocal ability, allows a "refreshing and narrative approach to songwriting" - Bristol Live Magazine 2013 (formerly Fear Of Fiction).

Evie has created something new and has received comments such as:
"You reminded me of no-one!" and has had performances described as "Stunning" (2014 / 2015 comments fromThe Louisiana & quotes from Soundcloud).

Evie continues to perform around the UK and Scotland including Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Edinburgh & London. It has been over three years since Evie's first EP, Relics, was recorded and released and this can be found on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and similar platforms.

Over the past 3 years, she has been working on new material which is set for release in 2016.
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Evie Woods
Evie Woods was formally a solo artist, performing her own take on acoustic folk throughout the northwest at a number of venues. However, it was when she moved to Bristol that she found a handful of musicians that helped push her songwriting to what it is today. Their new sound has its roots firmly in acoustic folk, with soaring vocal melodies, intricate guitar parts and percussion to compliment.

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